Arcane Odyssey Magma Magic Best Builds & Wiki Guide (2024) (2024)

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Here’s our guide to Magma Magic in Arcane Odyssey! Including wiki info for the skills and clashes, and showing what the best Magma Magic builds to use are.


Magma Magic

Magic Type: Base Magic
Magic Damage: High: Heavy-High (0.925x + melt up to 0.4625x)
Magic Speed Average: Very Slow (0.6x)
Magic Size: Large (1.2x)
Terrain Destruction: Above average (0.70x)
Structure Destruction: Above average (0.65x)

What is Magma Magic in Arcane Odyssey?

Magma Magic is among the 20 primary Base Magics available to players when they first start the game. When using this magic in battle, all attacks will cause the Melting status effect, which deals 50% of the initial hit’s damage over 10 seconds, with 5% damage inflicted every second. This magic can remove Bleeding, Soaked, Freezing, and Frozen status effects upon hitting a target. Moreover, it can create damaging puddles upon hitting a surface and from liquid drops that attacks produce.

Due to its clash advantages and being the only heavy liquid magic, Magma Magic is a popular choice among players. It can clash exceptionally well and only loses against Water. Additionally, Magma Magic can clear a total of eight status effects upon hitting a target, making it one of the most effective magics in the game.

The primary downside of this magic is its poor magic speed, although it compensates in several ways. Magma Magic pairs well with Fire, Acid, and Ash and synergizes with Poison, Explosion, and Glass. However, it is counterproductive to use this magic with any liquid magics (except for Acid Magic) and Ice Magic.

Are you wondering how Magma Magic compares to the other magics in the game? Check out our Arcane Odyssey magic tier list guide.

Is Magma Magic a good choice in Arcane Odyssey?

We currently rate Acid Magic as S Tier. When combined with Attack Size, the size of magma puddles increases, making them ridiculously strong. It also has very high base damage.

Magma Magic Best Builds

Here’s a list of the best Magma Magic build combos to use right now. We’ll be updating this list as more are found.

Magma + Fire

Fire applies the Burning effect, which increases magma’s damage by 25%, and then magma applies the Melting effect, which increases fire damage by 25%.

Magma is recommended as the primary magic due to its higher base damage.

Magma + Glass

Glass applies the Bleeding effect that buffs Magma damage by 20%. Magma applies the Melting effect that buffs Glass damage by 20%.

Magma is recommended as the primary magic due to its higher base damage.

Magma + Metal

Magma applies the Melting effect, which buffs metal by 20%, and metal applies Bleeding, which buffs magma by 20%.

Magma + Acid

Magma applies Melting, which buffs Acid damage by 25%, and Acid applies the Corroding effect, which then buffs Magma by 25% as well.

Either one can be picked as primary, but Magma is recommended due to its high base damage.


Arcane Odyssey Magma Magic Best Builds & Wiki Guide (2024) (2)

Melts enemies, dealing up to 50% of damage dealt rounded down, dividing the damage of the initial hit by 2, over a course of over 10 seconds.
Leaves Magma puddles that deal damage upon hitting a surface, if it hits a vertical surface the puddle will be on the closest horizontal surface.
Evaporates on contact with any water body and creates obsidian rubble.

Melting is cleared by Water Magic, Ice Magic, and Snow Magic and increases the damage dealt by most other magics, making it a good option for synergizing:

  • Melting increases the damage of Acid spells by 25%, which clears the effect.
  • Melting increases the damage of Fire spells by 25%
  • Melting increases the damage of Metal, Plasma, and Glass spells by 20%
  • Melting increases the damage of Wood spells by 15%
  • Melting increases the damage of Earth, Lightning, Sand, Crystal, Explosion, and Ash spells by 10%
  • Melting increases the damage of Magma spells by 5%
  • Melting doesn’t change the damage of Ice spells, though they clear the effect
  • Melting decreases the damage of Water and Snow spells by 10%, which clears the effect

Magma Magic Vs. Other Magic

Magma Magic is stronger than most magic when clashing.

It has an advantage over eight different types of magic:

  • Glass Magi (1.5x)
  • Snow Magic (1.5x)
  • Ice Magic (1.5x)
  • Wood Magic (1.5x)
  • Wind Magic (1.4x)
  • Sand Magic (1.4x)
  • Light Magic (1.3x)
  • Plasma Magic (1.3x)
  • Fire Magic (1.2x)
  • Shadow Magic (1.2x)
  • Earth Magic (1.2x)
  • Poison Magic (1.2x)
  • Metal Magic (1.1x)

It is weak against five different types of magic:

  • Water Magic (0.8x)

It is neutral with six different types of magic:

  • Acid Magic
  • Ash Magic
  • Explosion Magic
  • Lightning Magic
  • Crystal Magic

Magma Magic Damage Modifiers

  • Magma Magic deals 40% increased damage to Petrified targets.
  • Magma Magic deals 25% increased damage to Burning and Corroding targets.
  • Magma Magic deals 20% increased damage to Charred and Bleeding targets.
  • Magma Magic deals 10% increased damage against Poistoed targets.
  • Magma Magic deals 5% less damage against Soaked, Freezing, and Frozen targets.
  • Magma Magic deals 10% less damage against Sandy targets.

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Arcane Odyssey Magma Magic Best Builds & Wiki Guide (2024) (2024)
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