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Don’t get caught using these builds.

byElijah Hernandez

Arcane Odyssey: Port Mistral Update Build Tier List - Item Level Gaming (2)

Arcane Odyssey is a RPG fantasy game on Roblox that gives players the experience of fighting in a fantasy world. The game also has a PvP mode that allows players to fight against each other to determine who is more stronger. The game recently got an update called Mistral that have changed things for builds in the game. Most of them are still good, but some of them may have been nerfed thanks to the update. In this tier list, I will show you what the rankings of each build is looking like post Mistral update in Arcane Odyssey.

Port Mistral Update Build Tier List

Arcane Odyssey: Port Mistral Update Build Tier List - Item Level Gaming (3)

Before we start, please bear in mind that this tier list is 100% opinionated. This is not meant to be taken as factual. This tier list was made with what the community of Arcane Odyssey thinks. If you believe that this tier list is not 100% accurate, then formulate your own tier list by trying out each build for yourself.

With that said, here is the tier list:

SS Tier

  • Warlord – The crème de la crème of all the builds in this game. The Warlord is a walking nuke in a build. It has powerful skills and attacks that can create an AoE that launches players into the air. It’s like using Goku from Dragon Ball but only in his base form. However, with how broken this build is, you can expect that this will get nerfed sometime soon.

S Tier

  • Warrior – The Warrior was once a build that many didn’t notice or cared to use. But thanks to this update, the Warrior is now a fantastic build thanks to the weapon customization system. With it, the Warrior is now able to use almost all of the skills that are available in the game, making this build a versatile build to use against enemies.

A Tier

  • Conjurer – This build wasn’t all that special until this update. The Conjurer is one of the builds that benefited from the weapon customization system that was introduced in this update. With that, the Conjurer is able to unleash its full potential and absolutely decimates most enemies and players.
  • Juggernaut – The Juggernaut is essentially Berserker’s big brother. It has a vitality health bonus that makes this build overall better to use. It also has the Eagle Patrimony imbue that the Berserker does not have. With these two traits working together, the Juggernaut is a great build to run when you need something that can take a ton of damage.
  • Warlock – Just like the Juggernaut with the Berserker, the Warlock is the big brother of the Mage. It is extremely powerful and it didn’t get nerfed or buffed at all during this update, keeping this build safe.
  • Paladin – The Paladin build is said to be a better Mage build than the Mage itself. Only if you synergize with Lightning, though. However, the best version of the Paladin is the Water Paladin, which gives free out free stuns to enemies when attacking.

B Tier

  • Berserker – Berserker is a melee heavy build that focuses on really slow but powerful attacks that can damage an enemy. But due to that, the Berserker is not really that good. Most of the really good builds in this game are all range based builds. If you try and go up against other players using range builds, then it will be a game of catch and mouse instead.
  • Mage – What was once the best build in the entire game, the update has severely nerfed this build to the point that it is now considered a balanced build instead of being overpowered. Most of its skills are all nerfed to the point where it cannot do the same damage it once did, where it could delete enemies in the blink of an eye.

C Tier

  • Savant – Savant is known as a fantastic build altogether that can be used by new players from the get go. Even veteran players would use this build as well. But the reason why it’s so low on the list is because the build is being held back by the level cap of the game. The skill it requires to actually perform well is based on the fact that it needs a higher level cap.
  • Knight – Thanks to the update, the Knight was buffed up a bit to use weapon customizations, giving it an edge in fights. However, this does mean that the Knight build has to use a slot that is meant for the Eagle Patrimony, which is the entire reason why this build was ranked so highly in the first place.

D Tier

  • Oracle – Now don’t get it twisted. Oracle is not here because it’s a bad build. It’s only because Oracle is not officially released into the game yet. This build is still in the works and we will soon see its true potential when the next update releases.

That’s all you need to know on what the best builds are in this tier list for Arcane Odyssey. Did this guide help you understand which of these builds are worth using? Let us know in the comments below.

It’s not enough to have the best build to fight with in Arcane Odyssey, you need to learn how to play PvP as well. Check out the best PvP guide to learn how to play the game effectively.

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Arcane Odyssey: Port Mistral Update Build Tier List - Item Level Gaming (2024)
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