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Wondering what Builds you should be focusing on in Arcane Odyssey?

You can utilize some of the best fighting styles and magic in Arcane Odyssey, but if you don't place your stats appropriately, they won't be amounting up to their full potential in your battles. You can upgrade your stats every time you level up and gain experience points, and where you place them can be important for your desired Build. Builds determine what strengths and fields your character hones into and how they perform in battle. Here are what we think are the best ones to focus on.

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What are Builds in Arcane Odyssey?

Builds are determined by where you choose to focus your skill points each time. A combination of two stat together can create a hybrid Build, or you can choose to focus all your points on one ultimate stat. Depending on where you choose to place them, your Build could change. There are four different stats you can put points into:

  • Vitality: Increases your body's durability, which increases your maximum health and allows you to take more damage before dying.
  • Magic: Increases your knowledge of magic, allowing you to use stronger spells, master multiple magics, and more.
  • Strength: Increases your athleticism, allowing you to use stronger melee attacks, master multiple fighting styles, and more.
  • Weapons: Increases your experience in using weapons, allowing you to use stronger weapon abilities, master high level weapons, and more.

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All Best Arcane Odyssey Builds List

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Determining what is the best Build is really up to personal preference and opinion. Each Build is powerful and useful in its own way. We put together some of what we think are the best so you can try them out and decide for yourself. This is our list based on their damage output and success in battle:


The Berserker Build focuses entirely on the Strength stat and requires you to put 60% of your skill points toward it. Awakening as a Berserker will make you forget your magic entirely and instead hone into your brute strength. With this Build, you'll want to pair gear with defense and health boosts, as well as find a fighting style that works well with it, such as Boxing or Iron Leg. This is essentially the 'tank' Build, which means you don't go down easily and aim to deal heavy-hitting blows with your melee attacks.


Like the Berserker Build, the Warrior Build is one with full attention on one stat: Weapons. You'll need to put 60% or more of your skill points into the Weapons stat. Choosing this Build means you will excel with utilizing weapons in battle and will deal increased damage with any type you choose to wield. Its Weapon Aura Awakening scales the weapon's attacks and damage to allow for more significant destruction and allows you to destroy terrain and buildings around you. With this Build, you'll want to find worthwhile weapons to pair with your skills. Grinding boss fights and looting high-level weapons is the best way to go.


The Warlock Build is a hybrid of two different stats, Magic and Strength. This requires you to place 40% of your skill points into each, but not over 59%. These two combined stats will increase your damage output when performing your magic and essentially allow you to combine weapons into your magic use. With your Warlock Awakening, you can infuse your fighting styles with magic and grant yourself a skill-size boost. With this Build, you'll want to find a nice combination of magic-enhancing gear as well as a fighting style that can shine, such as Thermo Fist with Explosive Magic or Iron Leg with Crystal Magic.

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The Warlord is a hybrid much like the Warlock Build, only this one focus on the stats of Weapons and Strength. You'll need to place 40% of your skill points into each stat to achieve this Build. Just like the Warlock, the Warlord is about infusing two techniques together. In this case, you will be infusing your weapon with the fighting style of your choice. This allows for the skills and power of them both to be combined to a much more deadly degree. Like the Warrior Build, you'll want to find a worthwhile weapon to pair with your fighting style, which you can do by grinding boss fights.


The Conjurer is one of the most loved Builds in the game currently, and that is because it is a hybrid of the Magic and Weapons stats. It requires you to place 40% of your skill points into each, but not over 59%. In this Build, you infuse your weapons with your magic. This allows your weapons to deal out large AoE attacks or have lasting effects, such as what you could do with your magic but combined with the strength of the weapon itself. Imbuing a weapon with Lightning could paralyze on hit or, with Fire, burn on hit. Again, be sure to obtain a worthwhile weapon because it will determine just how powerful you can become.

These are some of the Builds we believe are the best in the game so far. It can take time to level up and gain the skill points to place into these stats, so be patient and complete quests and tasks to try and accomplish this quicker. Let us know your favorite Builds in the comments below!

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Best Arcane Odyssey Builds - Roblox (2024)
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