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LMPeople Login at the official website, lmpeople.com, and LMpassage Login at lmpassage external lmco.com are some of these conveniences provided by the organization to its employees. Being a Lockheed Martin employee is a corporate dream for many, and the American arms Aerospace and information take company has been offering enough convenience to its workforce. If you are a supplier or customer of Lockheed Martin, you can also log into your LMAccess account at access lockheedmartin com.

By using the Lockheed Martin employee login portal, employees can access their schedules, vacation, paid leaves, Emails, wages, retirement plans, employee benefits, business information, and much more. However, it is notable here that both the Intranet and Extranet are different portals and have their unique services offered to employees of an organization. With using an LM Access login account, you can use portfolios, services, and solutions offered by the company.

Let us highlight the benefits, requirements, quick guide, and disclosures, and access your employee account here and now.Furthermore, if you have any issues in getting access to your employee resources account, please assist yourself here with forgot username/password, the site not working, and/or customer service assistance.

How do I log into my LMPassage account?

Please keep your login credentials; SecurID/LMCert and password handy and follow the prompts below to access your LM Passage ESS account. SecurID will enable you to access both LMPassage and LM People login accounts. Make sure to access the right one which you need to access.

With a single login step, you will be allowed to access company information, business files, and organizing emails. Please be informed that logging into your account using a publically accessible network might risk your account, as well as, critical company information.

    1. Visit the LMPassage Login official website at
    2. Please select the option available from the opt-down column to log in; SecurID or LMCert.
    3. Enter the required username and password in the required fields and get access to your account.

Have issues logging into your employee resources account? Go to the employee login assistance section below and help yourself with the same.

LMPeople Loginwww.lmpeople.com

To get access to your LM People resources; you can log in using any of the three convenient ways. You can select any of the below methods, and still get access to your online accounts. Log in using your Hardware Certificate, Smart Card, SecurID PIN, Tokencode, Username, Password, and using your verification code.

Before you log in, it is advised not to use the system using a general public network. Furthermore, the portal is for authorized personnel and official employees of Lockheed Martin only. Also, Lockheed Martin may collect your data and information according to data policies.

1. LMPeople Login using Hardware Certificate

Please keep your Smart Card and YubiKey handy. Follow the simple prompts below and get access to the LM people login account features below.

LMPeople Login, LMPassage Sign In, AccessLM- Lockheed Martin (3)

  1. Visit the LMPeople Login official website at
  2. Select an option available as Hardware Certificate.
  3. Enter your ID and password from the Smart Card or YubiKey.
  4. Click login and you will have access to the employee resources account.

Go to the assistance section below if you need any further assistance.

2. LMPeople Login using SecurID

If you are unable to log in using your smart card RSA SecurID. Keep your RSA SecurID and Tokencode handy, and follow the prompts below to get access to your login account.

LMPeople Login, LMPassage Sign In, AccessLM- Lockheed Martin (4)

  1. Visit the LM People Sign In official website at
  2. Select an option available as SecurID.
  3. Enter your Username and RSA SecurID PIN + tokencode.
  4. Click login and you will be directed to your employee account.

Please visit the login assistance section below for login troubles.

3. LM People Sign In using Password + Verification Code

Authorized Lockheed Martin users can also access their accounts using their registered phone number and email. Please follow the prompts below to log into your employee resources account.

LMPeople Login, LMPassage Sign In, AccessLM- Lockheed Martin (5)

  1. Visit the LM People Sign In official website at
  2. Select an option available as Password+Verification Code.
  3. Enter your Username and password to your registered phone number or email ID.
  4. Click login and you will be on your LM employee login account.

LMPeople Login | LMPassage Login

LM People and/or LM Passage are the ESS, self-service employee resources portal introduced by the aerospace, arms, and information technology company, Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin authorized employees and permitted associates can access critical and useful company information, their employee benefits, Email, work schedules & leaves, and much more.

So, with a single login web portal, employees and authorized personnel can manage their complete organization-based services at their fingertips. Please check the benefits and perks of using the LM employee login portal.

LM Passage |LMPeople Login Portal benefits

    • Access work information and company data anytime, anywhere
    • Submit reports, and work on a daily/weekly basis
    • Check and submit performance reports and reviews
    • Add/manage the new project(s)
    • Manage personal employee information
    • Check and schedule the work shifts
    • Update working sh*ts, share updates
    • Check annual leaves and vacations
    • Access Emails
    • Wages, Paystub information
    • Lockheed Martin employee benefits access
    • Access to retirement plans and 401(K) plans
    • Career, employee learning, and company plans
    • Contact authorities and employee customer service
    • Get critical business information and company updates

Lockheed Martin Employee Resources Portal also enables authorized employees from the organization to know about their employee benefits. LM employee benefits include medical & healthcare benefits, retiree benefits, spouse benefits, financial perks, income protections, employee discounts, and many more.

Furthermore, using this employee resources portal; LMpeople, lmpassage, or AccessLM, corporate members can also manage and update their personal information. Personal information includes your contact information, address, spouse & family details, email, emergency contacts, and more.

Moreover, the portal has also comprehended the paystub and wages sections. Using the same, you can get direct access to your salary and monetary area. It allows you to deposit the amount directly to your paystub account, manage your payments, check and update your salary summary, limit your spending, and review your retirement funds.

Before the employee portal, it was kind of hectic for the workforce to get along with their schedules and working hours. LM People, Access LM, and LM Passage portals enable employees and associates to know their schedules, plan leaves, and change their shifts.

LM People Login portal has also covered the leaves and holidays details. Using this section, you can directly access your annual leaves, upcoming holidays, paid leaves, scheduled leaves, and yearly vacation program. All you need to do is log into your LM employee account, go to the leaves section, and manage everything related to leaves and holidays.

Correspondingly, controlling and managing your tasks and jobs were never easy. Introducing AccessLM, LMPeople, and LMPassage login portals have reduced the complexity of submitting your assignments and projects. With a single login step in a portal, you can submit your work, check further tasks, review your performance, and apply the changes accordingly and comments efficiently.

AccessLM Login

AccessLM is a solution-based portal, specially introduced for clients, consumers, coworkers, and associates. Access LM Login portal acts as a bridge between consumers and suppliers that enables them to govern and manage their needs. By using the same, one can request the goods and manage the requirements.

Access LM Login, the Lockheed Martin Login portal, enables the company clients and associates to accomplish their tasks, including requesting and managing, with a single step. By using access Lockheed Martin portal, authorized users can share useful files, have online meet-ups, and get access to all the resources offered by the organization.

access.lockheedmartin.com is the official website for Access LM. Only authorized personnel and legal members from Lockheed Martin can log in and manage their accounts here. Also, it is notable that the portal has been a time-saving and convenient portal for colleagues and partners.

AccessLM Sign In Quicksteps

There are four simple ways with which you can get access to your Access LM account features. You can follow the prompts below and get access to your online account. Please keep your login credentials handy to log in and manage your account.

  1. Open the official Lockheed Martin AccessLM web portal at
  2. Now, go to the option available as Account Maintenance.
  3. Then select Manage My Account from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the Identity Provider. Select AccessLM here.

Once done, choose any of the four options available below and follow the prompts below to log into your AccessLM login account.

1. AccessLM Login by Hardware Certificate

LMPeople Login, LMPassage Sign In, AccessLM- Lockheed Martin (7)

Authorized users can log in and manage their AccessLM login account using a Hardware Certificate. Use your Smart Card or Lockheed Martin USB token-based credential and manage your account instantly.

2. Access LM Login using Duo Medium

LMPeople Login, LMPassage Sign In, AccessLM- Lockheed Martin (8)

You can simply manage or access Lockheed Martin login portal resources using password and duo security. Just use your password to log-in in the beginning and then use your Duo Mobile app or Lockheed Martin hardware token. This will enable you to access and manage your account.

3. Lockheed Martin Login using Duo Basic

LMPeople Login, LMPassage Sign In, AccessLM- Lockheed Martin (9)

Just like an OTP (One-Time Password), you can log in and manage your AccessLM login account by authenticating via a text message to your registered mobile phone. It is necessary to have a registered mobile number to get access. Authorized personnel can sign-in in the first place and then use their registered mobile phone to receive an SMS or phone call to strengthen security.

4. AccessLM Sign In using Password

LMPeople Login, LMPassage Sign In, AccessLM- Lockheed Martin (10)

The fourth way is to log in and manage using your AccessLM login credentials. Nevertheless, users are advised not to log in using this for further usage. Use your AccessLM login credentials and manage your account here.

Have any issues managing your AccessLM login account? Please check the assistance section below and get help with the same here.

Lockheed Martin employee login assistance

Hopefully, this article has helped you log into your Lockheed Martin employee portal, LM People, or LMPassage login portal, account and get access to employee resources. If you have had any complications in logging in to your account, accessing employee resources, or any issues with Lockheed Martin’s official employee portal, please check the section below for customer service.

Any authorized employee from the organization can reach out to the employee assistance customer service phone numbers available below. Call an employee-customer support number, get connected to the customer service representative, mention your issues, and get assistance instantly.

Furthermore, if you have any issues accessing or managing AccessLM, the employee portal, LM people, or the LM passage login account, please feel free to mention your complications below in the comment box. Login experts and professionals from our official website, lmpassages.com will assist you in logging in, managing, and accessing portal features.

If you have issues logging into your online account or cannot access your account, please follow the simple instructions below.

  • Check your connection if secured.
  • Please reconfirm the login ID and password.
  • Try logging in with alternate available options.
  • Please reach out to the employee customer service center from the below numbers for assistance.

Lockheed Martin employee customer service

If you want to report any further issues with the employee resources websites, please feel free to contact the Lockheed Martin Global Emergency Operations Center (GEOC): 1-855-LMC-GEOC (562-4362) or +1-301-214-3444.

If you want to know more about privacy policies, disclaimers, or complications accessing your online account.

  • Write us at:
    Chief Privacy Officer
    Lockheed Martin Corporation
    6801 Rockledge Drive
    Bethesda, Maryland 20817
  • Contact us at LM Privacy Hot Line: 1-877-314-8442
  • Email the Lockheed Martin employee portal at; [emailprotected]

LMPeople Login | Lockheed Martin login assistance

For any further assistance related to your employee portals, benefits, ESS, signing-in difficulties, or any employee-related concerns, please feel free to any of the following numbers.

  • United States (General):
      • 1-407-482-7472 (direct)
      • 1-303-927-1472 (direct)
      • 1-800-435-7063 (toll-free, non-direct)

Any users outside of the USA can reach out to the employee resources customer service center at the below numbers and get assistance with their complications and issues with the portal.

  • United States (Sikorsky): 1 (877) 272-4882
  • Australia: 1800 075 345
  • Canada: 1-877-356-0083
  • Colombia: 01 800 012 5598
  • New Zealand: 0508 353 004
  • Poland: 800 080 211
  • United Kingdom: 0800 169 0450

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LMPeople Login, LMPassage Sign In, AccessLM- Lockheed Martin (2024)
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